How do I format format a date value when writing to a SQL table

I have a SQL table that I am using Retool to write new rows to. The table has 5 columns and one of the columns is a date field. I have set the column type to ‘Date’ in retool, however, when I enter a date value and run the update query to insert the new row into the table, it will return the date value I entered minus 1. For example if I select a date value of 07/15/2020 after I run the update it will return a date value of 07/14/2020.

Hey @ssuarez and welcome to the community! This is definitely strange - what are you using to run your update query? Are you adding it via the table or a text input? Screenshots / videos would help too!

Hey @justin thank you for the response! New to retool so likely user error. Here are a couple of screenshots of what is happening. When i click save changes on my addrow query it will default the entered date value to one day prior, in this example i set a date of 09/12/2020 and after the save it is 09/11/2020

Gotcha. I’m guessing this probably has to do with how your database is interpreting what Retool is giving it - what’s the datatype in MSSQL of the Event Date column? Wondering if we can use moment

That’s what I was thinking as well, it is a date datatype

@justin where am i able to use moment to format the data?