How do I filter query by time intervals?

I have a firebase query that then lists all the documents inside one collection in a table.
The problem is that the collection has a lot of items all they way back from 2019. I want to be able to display only the documents from the current month.

So two questions.
First, am I able to filter by the field createdAt which is a firebase timestamp, to be able to only fetch data where the created field is bigger than a set value?
Second, am I able to set said value as the beggining of the current month? That way the set value doesn't need to be updated and always returns the current month documents.

Thank you in advance!

Check this out - you might need to amend the formatting for the value field - not sure what the name of the column (date?) is in your db...
where "date" >= {{moment().startOf('Month').format()}} AND "date" <= {{ moment().endOf('Month').format()}}

Import this and you'll see formatting options in the event handlers of the dropdown that changes the date range filter:
Timeframe.json (8.7 KB)

And read this: JavaScript in Retool

I still have a problem, is that when I run my query without a limit, so I can fetch all the documents. It gives me a timeout error

Just after 30.8 seconds

Even thought I set it to 120