How do i change the content of a field, based on the selection in the current field

As a newby with retool (and a bit of a noob in general if it comes to programming) I would need help in the following. I have 3 fields in a form, the first field triggers a query to come up with the related values for the other two fields.

More specific, in field 1 I fill in the zipcode (postcode, I'm dutch), this looks up the values for Street and City in a zipcodetable. What I would like is the values to be shown in the fields, but I struggle to achieve this.

Any help would be great.

Hey @ericpijfers!

A lot of components allow you to pass dynamic values to either their default value, or in the case of option lists, underlying data. So you could have a query or transformer that runs based on the value of your first input field, and then have the other two reference the result of that query/transformer.

Does that look like it could work in your case?