How can I make a query from field which set up as JSON?

We just start to use Retool and have some troubles.
We have a CSV file wight logs and want to query it.
id: string
field1 : string
field2 : JSON -> {name: ‘string’, age: ‘string’, address: ‘string’}
field3 : string
How I can make a query like this one?
SELECT field2 FROM table WRERE = ‘Max’
And show a spreadsheet only for field2 column for results in App or in Query Editor.

You should be able to build a table from the CSV data. Once you’ve done that, you can build a “Calculated Column” for name using the following formula:
{{ JSON.parse(currentRow.field2).name }}

That should enable you to build such a select query.

Thanks a lot - I’ll try to do it )