Hide element based on position in a dynamic length listview?

I have a dynamic list view, whos length is determined via the number of results in a query:

Number of rows: myquery.data.id.length

I need to hide an element if it is in the last row of the list view. I have tried and had mild success (It hides one, but not the LAST one) by using pop() to get the ID of the last item in the list and compare it to the current ID:

{{element[i].tooltipText == myquery.data.product_name.pop()}}

Is there an easy way I am overlooking to simply hide the element if it is the last in the listview?

Hi @EdgeCCTV_Austen

The below logic seems to work for me. Let me know if this helps for your use case!

It does look like this is working. I didnt think to put anything but i or a number in the brackets there for the index, cool to know that I can.