Help with a response from Adobe API in octet stream

How can I do it so I can transform octet data and view it or download it as a PDF with the PDF viewer.

This is the response I got from the API. (in the image)

Hi Eduardo! This may or may not be possible in Retool. I noticed some of your characters have already been lost, so it might be difficult to define them in Retool.

Where is this data coming from and how would you like to view it? Is it table data?

It is better explained here (having the same issue):

Ha! Yes, this is exactly the same thing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but @eduardogarza is using the same Adobe PDF Services API that I'm attempting to use. :wink:


I consulted with my team and working with streams in the frontend is fairly difficult since Buffers don't exist. I feel like it should be possible, but we haven't been able to get it to work at this point.

Perhaps you can steal the regex from here to get the file out of the multipart data, but you may run into encoding issues based on this bit of the screenshot :thinking:
Sorry for not being able to get you an answer, but wanted to share our thoughts thus far!