Help! All of my queries are now over-taxing my backend server

My queries are all taking magnitudes longer to run and spiked server CPU. Did something change recently on Retool's end?

All of our users are reporting the same problem across all of our apps. This is a brand new problem - here is 14 days of historical for perspective.

Hey Bill, Thank you for those super helpful metrics. Are you running Retool on Cloud or On Prem? If the latter, what version are you on?

Hey Victoria, I'm running on cloud on V.2.88.11. However, I discovered the issue. I found some queries in a log that were continuing to run despite retool reporting that they were successfully completed. I had to terminate the connections and roll my database back to it's recent backup. It wasn't that much of an issue in the end but it raised some questions for me about monitoring and how to detect it if it happens again.

Ack. Definitely a valid interest. I don't believe we have anything at the moment that can monitor ongoing connections to your database, though we definitely shouldn't be running continuous connections. I passed this along to the eng team that works on resource connections, and please do let us know if something like this happens again for you!