GUI Mode option not showing up

I am trying to make a query to write back to the database, but the GUI-Mode option does not show in the application.

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to better help understand the problem can you share a screenshot or describe what kind of query and resource you're trying to use to write the data?
I'm expecting something that looks like this:

Hello Dave,
this is what I see:

Ah, I believe that the GUI mode is only available to SQL commands and database resources, which databricks isn't

Can I write data to the database without GUI mode?

yes, the GUI mode is purely to assist you and help writing CRUD statements easier but is entirely optional

I ran an insert query. I can see that the data made it into the table, but I get this error in retool: "A ResultSet was expected but not generated from query". How can I avoid the error?

Not familiar enough with using databricks to answer that one myself, sorry

Thanks Dave, I appreciate the help. I will dig into that one. I do not get that error when running the query directly in databricks. I only get that error when running the query from retool

Just noting that this seems related to these 2 other Databricks related topics :slight_smile:

I'm also adding a +1 indicating your interest in the feature request internally to add GUI mode for the databricks resource. We can keep you updated on whether that gets prioritized!