GUI mode doesn't seem to work for Retool database

I was experimenting with using the Retool Database to host data. It works fine if I choose SQL mode, but if I choose GUI mode I'm unable to select any tables that are defined. Does the Retool database not support GUI mode?

I was able to get the Form component to create a query for me that had a reference to a table by clicking the "Generate form from data" link when it's dragged onto the canvas. However I'm still unable to see any tables or columns.

@TimH Welcome to the forum
This works for me.... are you certain you created tables in the Beta Retool db?
I am running on free cloud version 2.103.2
Sometimes a simple reload of the app/page helps...

@ScottR, Thank you, that suggestion worked! I'm still getting used to Retool and it feels like a typical IDE I would use so I didn't think about the need to refresh the page if I made a change outside of it. I'll keep that in mind.

We also recently added the ability to refresh your database schema without needing a full page refresh!