Google sheets resource queries drop off

Hello Retool Team!

Recently we ve been experiencing dramatic slow down of queries fetching data from google sheet spreadsheets. Queries used to be executed in 2-5 secs, now we are constantly getting timeouts of 120ms :frowning: On our side no changes were introduced recently.

That could be connected to the latest performance topic: Performance drop off

Are there any updates regarding it?

Kind regards

Hi @akoszowski

Thanks for reaching out. I am not aware of any widespread performance issues yet, but it's definitely something we want to look into. You can always check for outages here as well:

Generally speaking, performance is a key focus area for us, and we are working on a number of performance improvements this year

Has the amount of data changed in these queries (i.e. the sheet used to have 20 rows and now it has 200 rows)? Are you using Retool Cloud or on-premise?