Google Sheets Resource - List All Sheets Method

For the google sheets resource list all sheets method, it only lists the first 100 spreadsheets, which I believe is the pagination limit for the google api. Is there a way to loop to get all sheets or pass in a parameter to search to lower the number returned?

Hey @scarrucciu! It looks like this is a bug and your theory on the pagination limit is correct! I've written up a bug report to address this, but in the meantime the best approach I can think of would be to make a separate connection to the google sheets api as a REST resource.

Thanks @alex-w . Will explore going down the rest resource route. Is there a way to access the credentials / auth that the google sheets and drive resource create? Would be much easier to use the rest resource with auth handled.

It is not unfortunately, that is stored encrypted inside of the retool internal DB (either in our infrastructure on the managed option, or yours in the self-hosted option). Trying to decrypt and pass those values to your resource would be more trouble and less secure than it is worth, as well as going through a separately managed gcp side "app" setup.

There is a run through here that should be pretty much the same for all google APIs though!