Google Sheet error when trying to update it with Multiselect field

This would work fine if it was a normal select field, but trying to use a multiselect throws this error:

message:"Invalid data[12]: Invalid values[1][0]: list_value {
  values {
    string_value: "Mike"

Hey there @dru_nasty!

What value are you expecting in your Google Sheet? I'm curious if something like {{ multiselect.value.join() }} might work to stringify your array or if you're looking to send your data in a different format.

That worked perfectly thank you :smile:


One additional question, after updating the data in the spreadsheet, the multiselect value remains, so i created a JavaScript query (named clearSelect) to clear it, and trigger it on success of the update query:


Is this the best approach to clear value?

Awesome! To the additional question - there's actually a built-in handler that can clear the value of your component:

I think it's really up to preference, but it may be cleaner :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh good call, thank you! I overlooked that, much better.