Give different size to the same Module in different Apps

Hi, I have a Module that I reuse in a few different Apps.
It is a ListView that shows a "Q&A" result. Each row in the ListView looks like this:

What is your name? John Johnson

This Module is used in Apps that have different layouts. Currently I don't see any option to resize the Module in the App. The only size possible is the size I configured in the Module's edit page. This makes reusing the Module very inconvenient since I need to change the App's layout to conform with the Module's layout instead of the other way around.

Is there a way to do this?

Hi @ypeled :wave:

Happy to try and help you out here. Have you tried experimenting with Auto vs Fixed heights when editing the module in the right hand inspect pane? I usually use the Auto feature for the module to grow as it pleases inside my applications but I can see how that can throw things off for you. In that case you may want to set a fixed height and only allow for this size in your app

Let me know if that works for you otherwise we can try and formulate another solution!