getCurrentPosition() no longer working on mobile app

I have a mobile app that was previously working great with location data from the phone. However, now for some reason it no longer returns any information from utils.getCurrentPosition(). When I test the mobile app on my laptop, it works fine but it's not working on the mobile device (Samsung Galaxy S20). We just recently updated to self-hosted version 2.123.1 and the new runtime, so I suspect the issue may be related to that.

When I click the current location button in a mapbox component, it shows the blue dot in the correct location and zooms in, so it's not a permissions issue. Just the queries and other components that are using the data from utils.getCurrentPosition() aren't populating.

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for reporting! We'll have a fix out for it soon, I'll update this thread once the new app has been released.



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Hi @anathan,

For clarity, would you mind confirming: getCurrentPosition() is down for Mobile App across the board, and not just related to the @JesseKHall's specific setup. Correct?

Any word when that fix is coming?

Hi @Diskin,

We released a fix for getCurrentPosition() a week after the initial report so it should be working as expected now. Are you still seeing some issues with it?



Many thanks for the reply. I just went to bring it back up in order to share screenshots demonstrating the issue - but like magic, it's working perfectly now. Sorry to have bothered.