Get help events handlers suffixe icon press for search bar


I'm devolping a mobile application and now I'm dealing with a misunderstanding with suffix icon in a search bar. In fact I would like to a have my searchbar with a delete icon as a suffix, I tried to make a clearing of the search box when I click on the icon. I tried several ways, use a query as a trigger, write a script but functions are never executed when I press the icon.

In the Console View, I don't have any record of the query being executed after the icon has been pressed.
Is it a bug ?

Hi @Valentin_Droubay! It looks like a fix for this may have been included in a recent release. There was an internal ticket filed for the bug but the behavior doesn't reproduce for us on the newest version of Retool. Since it looks like the fix may have been incidental, would you mind confirming whether or not you're still having issues?