Fully-distinct versions of an app?

With other (non-Retool) apps we make, we are used to being able to point people at a staging URL. The running app has its own code, data and config.

So far we haven't been able to reproduce this in Retool.

The "environment" concept that Retool has is not sufficient in itself. (Using multiple environments)

That definition of an environment is pretty much just environment variables -- the data connections etc.

In addition there's the Retool concept of versions/releases, with different code versions. (Releases and history)

But these Retool concepts of "environment" and "version" are disconnected.

So it's on our users to make sure they're in the right environment + version as they do their work. This is super error-prone.

Is there any way to point users at different self-contained versions of a given Retool app? I.e., such that they access -- all at once, no dropdowns etc -- staging versions of the code, data and config?

Hey @timphnx!

We don't currently have built-in support for having different app versions per environment. It is something on the radar though and there's a feature request where you can follow along to see if it's included and we can also report back here.

It is possible to access the current environment with {{ retoolContext.environment }} to change the behavior of your app depending on what environment you're in, but I understand that also doesn't solve the problem in many cases.