Frustrating behaviour on iPad with the viewport

Currently, when loading our app on an iPad in portrait, it's hiding the side of the view.
I've tried many things to fix it. Is there a way to make it scale to the window?
Video showing the issue.

Hey @jason3w! Quick question before I file this internally. Are you accessing a Retool Mobile app or just a regular app in "mobile" mode?

Hey Victoria,
It's just the mobile view in the normal app editor.

@victoria do you think this is a bug, or I just need to add some custom CSS to solve it? Cheers

This is probably a bug, but also might not be fixed super soon so I would actually suggest custom CSS to solve it in the meantime!

I've logged this internally and for anyone else running into this, please do add your +1's here to help prioritize :slight_smile:

If you had any tips on the CSS that would fix it, that would be amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy to help with that!

Which iPad do you have/what are the screen dimensions? I'm trying to work on the CSS now and can't seem to repro the issue with the two iPad options (iPad Mini, iPad Air) in Chrome's resize tool. I attached a screen recording of poking around with the different dimensions to try to get it to overflow!
Screen Recording 2022-12-16 at 10.36.13

You're the best! Thanks for helping!!
I tried with the same canvas tool and you are right, it does load properly, though in Safari or Chrome and the other 3 browsers I tried it's doing the same thing on the device itself, as shown in the video on the original post here. I setup a custom device with the following resolution and it loads fine in Chrome on desktop, but on device still the same issue.

2,048 x 1,536 px
iPad Air 2

Ooh okay, sounds like the tool is a bit optimistic.

I'll keep testing and let you know!

Definitely a bug :pensive: I created an internal bug report for this and it seems like it's not being prioritized at the moment, but will update this thread if that changes!

You wouldn't happen to know any tricky CSS that could remedy the issue in the meantime?

I still have yet to reproduce the issue (so I can't confidently test any solutions), but in the meantime, would this new canvas width setting be helpful?