Freeze State on Hover

Hello! this is a 2 part question.

I want to open a modal on hover with the mapbox trigger.

  1. I added a modal component and set the Only Run When the map.hoeverdpoint is not null, but this is not opening the modal.

  2. In addition, I want to see the object when the hover state changes but can't figure out how to freeze the states so that i can see the object when hover is activated. As soon as I move my mouse the object turns back to null.

If you create a query that opens the modal component and bind it to On Hover action of the mapbox component, the modal opens when your mouse hovers over a point.

Regarding to your second question, what object are you seeking to see? You can probably use console.log in your hover query to log it in your console.

Hope it helps!

Console.log did the trick! I was able to see what the object looks like by doing that.

Also your suggestion for opening the modal works perfectly :slight_smile: