Formatting/conflict issues using Zendesk placeholders

Hi! I'm trying to create a new comment on a ticket in zendesk's api via retool, but I am having trouble as I need to use a placeholder (which triggers dynamic content) in the zendesk comment body. The trouble with that is that placeholders in zendesk are formatted the same way you would reference something in retool, for instance {{dc.zendesk_placeholder_example}}

I am trying to figure out the proper way to format this as part of my raw body but it gets recognized as a retool reference instead. I'd like to figure out what the best way to handle this is, I've tried a variety of things to make this work but I either end up with an output with extra characters I don't want or the issue with it being recognized as a reference. I'm guessing this may be simpler than I think :sweat_smile:


Hey @Sophie_Wakita! Welcome to the community!

Not sure what you've tried already, but you'll likely need to escape the {{ }} in the request. Can you try this?

Let us know if that worked for you!