Form not validating on submission, and not resetting after

I'm having trouble getting a form component to validate on submit. Regardless of the inner inputs .invalid values, the form submits.

I've went over everything like 3 times and double-checked common issues from other forum posts as well. Any help would be much appreciated.

This is the form

The settings of the form

Structure of the form
Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 11.10.15

And the submit button

Looking at the set up you have both the form AND a button(buttonSubmit...) both calling the same query.... any reason why? The form event handler default submit button should be able to handle the validation and the check before submission - calling your handleCreateInstaller query...

That's just how it looks when I add a button in the form footer and give it type "Submit" under Interaction -> Type... I guess it "inherits" the submit action from the form.

Hi @tomasvemola Thanks for reaching out! I'm trying to reproduce this issue. Can you share the validation settings for the child components of the form:

The state is showing invalid = true for at least one component?

If you prefer, I'd love to take a look at an export of the app