Form inside module saving property with the ID of the module

There's is a huge annoying bug on Retool, if you use a form inside a module, the name of the properties of the form works fine.

But if you use your module inside of an app, there's a chance of random properties from the form concat's the name of the module with the name of the property, creating this anomalies like: "moduleCalendlyCallsSplitScreen1::call_notes", when the right name is only "call_notes".

The biggest problem is, your data still render properly on the app, but not render on the module alone because of the wrong name in stored in the document from firestore.

You guys need to fix this, or if this is a feature, warn when this could happen, because right now i have dirty data saved inside of my firestore documents and i have to run a script to fix all of the wrong data.

And i also have to build the JSON to persist the data in firestore manually, missing the purpuse to use the formdata in general.

Hey @Erasmo_Bellumat!

This certainly looks like trouble, especially if it's causing your data to be corrupted in unpredictable ways. It sounds like you're calling the firebase query from inside the module - is that correct, or are you running the query from the parent app?

Also, are you seeing any pattern in the inputs it happens with? E.g. is it consistently happening only to a handful of components, does it tend to impact a particular type, or are you doing any mutations on the affected components?

If you could share an export of the affected app, or if we could step into your org to take a closer look that would be helpful. Screenshots of the setups for your form/queries might help as well.