Fix the $ format


One of my biggest frustrations is not being able to format numbers as '$1.23.'

I do NOT want to format them as 'US$1.23'; I know exactly which $ I'm talking about!

In the old Table component, I could workaround this with a mapping like {{self === null ? "" : self.toLocaleString('en-US', {
style: 'currency',
currency: 'USD',
minimumFractionDigits: 2,
maximumFractionDigits: 2

But since I now can't sort by the underlying value vs. mapped value, I now can't sort these columns properly - since the output of this JS is a string, it sorts like a string not like a number.

Can we please just have a normal currency format?

(I think this is the same issue as this, but highlighting again)

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Yes similar issue; we ONLY work in CAD so there is no need to have it show currency, and even if we were to use USD I'd put that in a different field vs US$25.99. It takes up so much space, but what's super frustrating is it seems to be set by the browser. If I use Chrome it says CA$25.99; if I use FireFox it says $25.99. I can't be deploying apps that are going to have a totally different user experience depending on the browser settings of the user. It also takes up space unnecessarily, as 5 currency columns on a table even is 10 characters of wasted space.

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Thanks, @Henry14! I've updated our internal feature request to let the team know another Retool developer is running into this issue