Firestore geopoint/geohash queries

I have been working at this for two days and have no progress. I want to do a "within x miles" of a lat/lon pair in Firebase.

I've tried the following libraries/steps/tweaks:

  • Geofire
  • Geohash
  • Raw queries
  • External libraries in Retool (geofire-common, etc)
  • Custom java scripts

Has anyone successfully implemented a geohash query in firebase via retool?

Hi @fowlerjk welcome to the community! Have you seen this thread about formatting a query using coordinates: new firestore.GeoPoint() ?

If you're still stuck, let me know and I'll be happy to dig around a bit more for you.

Indeed, @alina.retool - that's one of the things I looked at, but that's all about storing the data. In essence, I need to grab "closest to" and geohash seems to be right way to go. But documentation is scarce.