Fire a query to get another value in result table

I have a result table with id's.

But instead of displaying the id's I would like to display the name that corresponds to the id, which is in another table. Joining is unfortunately not possible. How can I kind of map these id's with names out of a table that has the id as key? I should look like this:


Thanks for your help!

Hey @thim-jgm!

This is definitely doable :slight_smile:

Quick question—is there a reason that joining isn't possible? Here's an example using a JOIN inside of a Query JSON with SQL type query. Then, inside of a Custom Column, we can reference the data from that joined query.

If this looks doable for your specific use case, happy to walk you through it more if you have any questions! I've attached an export of this app so you can poke around (it won't work since it's connected to my data specifically, but you can at least look at my queries). You can import this JSON file by clicking Create new (home page) > From JSON. Quick docs on exporting/importing apps here.

If not, this is possible with JS! Let me know if that works better for you and I can get you an example of that :slight_smile:

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