FINN's main menu "cards"


During the FINN presentation I noticed their menu had these nice cards for each of their apps. After trying for a bit I tried to recreate them but was unable to (granted I'm and api developer, not a front end developer). I would like to know how to build such a component I could use for our menu. It was a good event by the way.

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I missed it but those look like containers to me.

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Those also look like containers to me! :slight_smile: Are you able to recreate the look with a container component?

Yesss :heart_eyes: I've noticed these immediately and created some for our instances. Here's the design I'm using.

Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 20.42.33

Download: menu-cards.json (13.8 KB)


Yes, what I have been working through today :slight_smile:

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Yes, containers did it for me. Set up a card as a module and so far working pretty well.