Files inside Form Body requests are being sent as text

When attempting to upload a file to our server we set the form data to use type file, however it appears that the file is being uploaded as text instead. This is currently breaking our internal flows

@maxTruck Can you share some screenshots? Has this always worked in the past or is this something new?

@ScottR This was always working up until Friday last week. As you can see here we have "File" selected for a ratecon document, however both the id and rateCon were being sent as "Text" in our request, thus preventing us from being able to upload a file. (at least this is the running hypothesis)

For our company specifically I believe we have been personally rolled back to a version of retool prior to Friday and thus have mitigated the issue, but this is definitely a bug introduced in a recent update.

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Hi @maxTruck Thanks for reaching out about this! I checked internally and it looks like we're still working on the bug fix, but no customers are on the version where this bug exists :slightly_smiling_face: