Files and Monday GraphQL


I'm trying to upload a file from a File Drop Zone into a board using their GraphQL API. I am not able to figure out what I'm doing wrong - have reviewed the Retool posts on I but can't seem to find what the error I - might have something to do with how to file posts to Monday or how I base the base 64 file in. If someone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. I've uploaded screen shots below.

Hey Nate! Are you getting any errors back?

Also, does this request work anywhere outside of Retool / are there any Monday docs that you're referencing? Curious to see if I can reproduce this on my end!

Hi Victoria! sorry for delayed response. I played around with it and understand the file needs to be passed in as an argument via Monday. So I changed it to this and received a 500 internal server error (see attached).

Any help would be appreciated.

I've been poking around [this](
using-the-graphql-api/5997/21) Monday support thread as well.

Definitely puzzling :thinking:

As a quick thought, the article seems to stress the importance of using a "multipart/form-data" Content-Type.

I set up a Monday API account and ran a similar query to the Monday endpoint. It failed, so I checked the the "API Request" tab, it looks like the Content-Type is automatically being set to "application/json"

However, I can manually set the Content-Type in the Headers field to change the request.

Once I fixed this error, I ran into a "no query string was present” error, which this user on the forum post also ran into:

As for the 500 error, the Monday API docs indicate that there's an issue with your query string formatting.

If you're able to get this request to work outside of Retool (e.g. in Postman), then I can definitely help get it into Retool! Any working examples of this GraphQL file upload function would be super helpful :pray: