Feature Request: hover tooltip for tables

For our use case, we have a table that displays KPI's for a certain date. We already pull in the previous period (a week ago) to color the cells, but it would be really great to be able to see the previous period's value in a tooltip when hovering over the cell.


there is a workaround with Modal, if interested.

you can add an event handler on the table to open a modal when the row is clicked. in the Modal, you can filter the data on the values from the table / selectedRow / selectedCell.

if you want to add multiple modals, depending on which row is clicked, you can add JS query on table.selectedCell.columnName to figure out which column was clicked and using switch/case to open the right Modal.

hope this helps.

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that is awesome! thank you for sharing :pray:

do you happen to have a code example that I can use as a starting point? i don't have a very strong background with code so would really appreciate any help.

Let's try...

Step 1: you'll need a table with data. when you click the table and go to the right pane, toward the bottom there's a section called event handler -> click that and select "Row Click" as your event. Row Click should trigger a query that has a switch/case JS setup to open the modal, so this takes us to step 2

Step 2: switch/case JS query:
(TABLE.selectedCell.columnName) {
case "column":

step 3: once Modal opens, you can setup whatever you want on that modal - text components, table, etc. The query used to feed the modal will use filters like
id = {{TABLE.selectedRow.data.id}} and column = {{TABLE.selectedCell.data}} -> you may have other filters as well, but the idea is that you can filter on any column value or the selected cell value...

@jSims - feel free to jump in, if you have a better way of explaining :slight_smile:

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