Failed to update Form in List View

I developed a Retool app containing multiple forms in list views in late March. Everything worked fine at that time. But I found that the form data was not in sync with user input when I was developing new features recently.

In edit mode, the state of each component (both the form in list view and the input itself) is changed according to user input. No error or bug is spoted.
On the other hand, the form data is lost in preview mode and production. Indeed, I am even not sure if the state has ever been updated.

Is there any related critical changes in recent releases? Or is there any solutions to this issue?

Hey @cynthia.chan!

Off the top of my head, I don't know of a specific change that might have caused this but can definitely do some digging. It might help if we can narrow down the behavior a bit - where are you referencing the form data? And how did you notice it was out of sync?

You mentioned this being true in preview and production as well, is this a public app?