Exclude certain apps or folders of apps from search suggestions, or redirect if certain url params aren't present

Some of our "utility" apps require some input or variable that's passed through the URL automatically via another app (such as UUIDs and other similar details).

If business users open apps like those directly, they don't function like the business user would expect (and the business user doesn't have a reasonable way to pass those values in by themselves).

So, while business users need access to those apps, it doesn't make sense for them to see those apps in the search suggestions.

It would be great if either at the app or folder level,

  • Idea 1: A setting could define whether the app should show up in search results. Maybe it's a checkbox or toggle switch such as "Hide from search results" or "Hide from quick open".
  • Idea 2: A setting that automatically redirects users to another app if certain conditions aren't met. This is probably possible with some javascript or something on the app, but that would mean the app has to load enough of the page to do all those check when, instead, a simple inspection of prerequisite params in the URL when evaluating the request for the app would be much more performant.

Idea 1 details:
In other words, we want to "noindex" some of our apps so business users are less likely to open them directly by mistake.

Note, this is not the same as preventing business users from opening them at all. We still need business users to have access to those "utility" apps, but there are certain prerequisites necessary for those "utility" apps to be functionally usable. We take care of passing all the necessary values to those apps when the business user goes through the intended routes.

Thank you!