Error: true,"message":"pool is draining and cannot accept work"

Is anyone else running into this issue when running workflows? I have checked my RDS DB Settings and Have actively monitored it during these heavy queries. However the pool never comes even close to being at 50% capacity.

I have tried Increasing Batch Size and Lowing Batch Size within the LoopV2 but it doesnt seem to help. This issue isnt related only to LoopV2 as I have had the same occurrence with LoopV1. I even lowed the request size (amount of records being iterated through at once) and it doesnt really help.. it is currently iterating through the API response from 2 records in the database.. it has almost 20,000 more to iterate through.. if I have to keep it at 2.. it will take almost 40 hours (if it doesnt stop due to an error) to finish a task that should be done in a couple hours.

Is there a limitation on Retools Side for max_connections?

Iteration 609 failed: {"error":true,"message":"pool is draining and cannot accept work","isRetoolSystemError":false,"queryExecutionMetadata":{"estimatedResponseSizeBytes":94,"resourceTimeTakenMs":10004,"isPreview":false,"resourceType":"mysql","lastReceivedFromResourceAt":1719751134749}}

Any Insight would be greatly appreciated.