Error running database migrations: SequelizeDatabaseError


I'm trying to set up retool on my kubernetes cluster, I'm experiencing the following problem:

k logs -f retool-6c5856c89b-h74hs waiting for without a timeout is available after 0 seconds
not untarring the bundle
{"message":"[process service types] DB_CONNECTOR, DB_SSH_CONNECTOR, MAIN_BACKEND, JOBS_RUNNER, WORKFLOW_WORKER","level":"info","timestamp":"2022-11-28T08:41:10.163Z"}
Acquiring lock to run migrations...
Acquired lock
Running database migrations...
== 20220208054913-create-environment-config-vars-table: migrating =======

-     EXITING RETOOL      -

Error running database migrations: SequelizeDatabaseError: relation "environment_config_vars_environmentId_key_uk" already exists

I specify that the database is empty, I just created it to host retool

Hey @quentin!

Did this happen on your first time trying to run the migrations? After the attempt are you able to check your database's SequelizeMeta table to see if any of the migrations were run successfully?