Error Cannot destructure property 'namespace' of 'd' as it is null

Hi There!

After updating version to 2.75 these errors below started to occur


Editing resource :
Captura de Tela 2021-10-07 às 17.58.49

Trying to click at button

Captura de Tela 2021-10-07 às 17.59.56

We've been trying to understand the error, but seems some problem in this page that was created in a previous version

Trying tracking the error :

Could you please help us solving this problem? What we have to do to maintain compatibility between versions?

Hey @vivia!

Happy to help here, definitely not the most helpful error! Would you feel comfortable sharing a copy of your app with us Via intercom chat? It looks like this is indeed the part of the code that is causing the error but can be difficult to debug over the forums.

Hey @Chris-Thompson,
Vivia is from Swap. I already sent a copy of the App to @Kabirdas from your support team.
Just sent it again to you via slack.

Please raise the priority of this issue. It is blocking our Dev team here.


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Hey @Chris-Thompson and @Kabirdas , do you have any update here?

Hey mozer! I updated our support conversation thread as well, but this bug is high priority for us and being looked at. We will update this thread (and the support conversation) when we have some additional information for you.

Definitely seeing the same issue.

My setup is a table with 2 events: SaveNew, and SaveChanges using the same JS query.

I add a new row, and it works fine, then I try editing a row, and saving the changes, and then this error occurs.

Hey everyone, this issue should be fixed for anyone using the cloud version of Retool. It will be going out to our on-premise customers soon as well!

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