Encountering 'Unable to Transform Response from Server' Error When Dynamically Calling an API Multiple Times

Hi Retool Team and Community,

I've been working on utilizing a 'REST API' resource to iterate over a list of values using the API I defined. I found this post particularly helpful for dynamically passing parameters to the Retool API resource:

However, I'm encountering an issue where, out of 30 API calls I attempt to generate, only about 12 are successful. For the remaining calls, I receive the error: 'create_multiple_transactions failed (2.534s): Unable to transform response from server' and 'create_multiple_transactions failed (3.42s):**


For context, when I make individual API calls to the resource, it never fails. The problem arises when I attempt to make multiple calls, more than 10 at a time. This is when Retool starts presenting these errors.

Has anyone else faced this issue, and if so, could you share your solution? I would greatly appreciate any assistance. I'll be attaching pictures to provide more context and aid in troubleshooting.

Thank you!

Hey @Andres_Uribe! Haven't seen that error before, but it's possible that firing all the requests off at once is causing issues. Can you try awaiting the calls to create_multiple_transactions and see if that helps? Something like this (adding async and await in your forEach block.

Let me know if that helps!