Embed Security When using Parent Window

Hi there - What security measures are in place (if any) when passing data between the parent window and an embedded Retool frame?


Hi @teamrappid! I just wanted to clarify before answering the wrong question šŸ˜… Are you curious about the flow from Retool to the parent, or from the parent to Retool? I believe that embedding Retool doesn't attempt to communicate to the parent window, actually.

And just in case, docs on embedding here!

Hi Victoria,
The use case is parent to Retool, what security measures are in place and how is the data protected as it passes from the parent to Retool.

Hello again! Sorry I missed this message for so long, happy to step back in here!

Do you have any specific needs/concerns that aren't addressed in the iframe settings permission toggles?

Hi Victoria,
I am actually speaking to the Parent Window Resource Query functionality such as this where it allows an embedded Retool app read from the parent window.

Ah, I see! Do you have any specific concerns with this query type? Iā€™d be happy to ask our security team for any insights!