Editing an array of objects

I'd like to have a component where the users can edit single properties of an array of objects. A table seems to be the best pattern I could find so far, very nice its save changes UI. But a table is not necessary the best way to manage a list. I would need to add a UI to add and remove items. I also struggle to make columns not sortable with the new table component.

Is there another component/pattern I should use? Or some tips to adapt a table to the use case? Thanks! :pray:

Hi @Christian_G it sounds like the listView would be helpful for your use case!

This use case sounds kind of similar, and so does this one!

Wow, I really have to build all from scratch. Sorting, editing.:exploding_head:

True! :disappointed:

The pro to the listview option is that it gives you the ability to add & remove items, and you can add any components to it. The downside to this customizability is that it takes much longer to set up & has more code to maintain.

We are adding a feature to the table to allow for disabling sorting. I'll post back here when that ships just in case you'd prefer to just use the table then.

The table now has an option to disable sorting