Dynamically Sized Tables

I have a dataset that could be anywhere from 10 to 300 rows, and I’d just like the table to either be 10 rows tall or 300, and not deal with pagination.


Thanks for the request @amitchell! Dynamically resizing components (tables included) is definitely a request we’ve heard a few times. We’ll keep you in the loop!


Seconded. I think it would make more sense for everything to be dynamic and if we want to set a static height we can just set it and add overflow: scroll to make it work like it does now.


Big plus 1!

Any updates on this issue?

Any news on this? :sweat_smile:

Hey all! I just wanted to give you an update here on this. Our engineers were able to release a feature for this behind a feature flag. If anyone would like for us to toggle this on for your org, feel free to write in through support chat and we would be happy to add you to the beta! :slight_smile:

Hey, ya'll! Just wanted to follow up that this is turned on for all orgs now so no need to write into support!

I also wanted to share this helpful tip just in case this was something you're also looking for!

@jSims Does this need to be made available for self-hosted Retools? We're on version 2.121.3

Hi @Yaron_Shahverdi! The new table should support the Auto height setting as of version 3.2

That same setting should also be available in the legacy table on 2.121 :slightly_smiling_face:

What exactly is Auto Height supposed to do? My table is still vertically scrolling with Auto Height enabled.


I'm seeing the same issue as @bradlymathews. My table component (new) still forces scrolling with height set to auto.

It looks like Auto Height tables still have a max height of 100vh - does that match the limit that yall are seeing? Curious to know if the behavior changes if you use the following custom css:

  max-height: none;

Yes and yes, good catch! That CSS works great overall for us. There is still a small issue with summary row enabled. The summary row appears over the top of the last row, causing the scroll bar to reappear, but only to scroll that one row.

Thanks for the heads up @corca, this should now be fixed!