Dynamically determine row text color

HI there,

Is there a way to dynamically set the row text color in a table. I don't mean the background text, which i know we can do already. What i mean is the actual color of the text. We want to use the text color to tie similar rows together.

You would probably have to format each column as HTML and then insert logic(ternary) determining the value of the text/cell value and then assign it that color...

Hey @sbtang :wave:

Confirming what Scott is saying here, this is an open feature request but here is a community post where a user highlights a way to do this workaround: https://community.retool.com/t/table-text-color/2941

Thanks for the pointers, and the link. It's not great, cause i'll have to do it for each cell in my table, but i guess it's better than nothing.

Looking forward to this feature !