Dynamic Select Component Assigning

Hi Everyone,

I am currently building and app that needs to dynamically set the value of a select statement. Please see the code below

const selectedId = selectFavoriteDropdown.value;
const data = getFavorites.data
const record_ids = data.id;
const index = record_ids.findIndex(record_id => record_id === selectedId);

if (index === -1) {

const sources = getFavorites.data.sources[index];
const destinations = getFavorites.data.destinations[index];

sources.forEach((source, i) => {

destinations.forEach((destination,i) => {

The selectSourcePosition and selectDestinationProduct are select components inside a list view. However i am getting the error

Error:6b0e4ca9-9a34-4bbd-908d-0541a3579ec2 does not exist as a possible value of selectDestinationPosition despite '6b0e4ca9-9a34-4bbd-908d-0541a3579ec2' being a possible value of the select dropdown as seen unser state -> selectDestinationPosition -> [0] -> data

When i run the query individually from the edit app section it works. However ths section breaks when the whole app is running

Thank you

Hey @Noel!

Can you check if all the components in the listview rendered with all of their data when you trigger the query? It might be helpful if you can share how you're triggering the script when the app is running, as well as how the listview and each individual component are populated.