Dynamic REST Query Parameters

Hi there. I'm trying to build a query that will have from 0 to 5 dynamic parameters. Example :

depending of the state of the application my queries might look :




The problem is that when I add the result of my transformer to the query, it gets URI encoded by. default, so my query fails when transformer returns more than one parameter for example : ?refine_1=44&refine_2=foo&refine_3=bar.


I see several guys having similar issues, how is it possible to add X dynamically selected parameters to a query?

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I am sending you a link to our docs on Deep linking. This breaks down exactly how to dynamically sync variables in your app to the URL.

For the example you gave, if you have the URL params listed above, you should be able to access them with something like:

{{ urlparams.refine_1 }}

{{ urlparams.refine_2 }}

{{ urlparams.refine_3 }}

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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