Dynamic id in list view

I need get dynamic id in list view under the child list view component. And all the data coming from database. so I need call dynamically.

Hey @Anurag_Sharma!

You can try using this pattern to trigger all of your queries and return them together in a single array. In this case, you'd want something like:

const promises = getBatchesByWeek.data.map((row) => {
  return getMealSlots.trigger({
    additionalScope: {
      batch_id: row.batch_id,

return Promise.all(promises);

In which case you could write batch_id = {{batch_id}} in your query instead of batch_id = {{getBatchesByWeekQry.data[i].batch_id}}. That should return an array of arrays corresponding with each batch:

In that format, your data can be accessed using nested list view syntax. For instance, in the expression {{getMealSlotBatches.data[ri[0]][ri[1]].meal_slot_name}} the index ri[0] corresponds to the batch index and ri[1] corresponds to the meal slot index.

I've attached a JSON you can import and play around with!
postgres_data_aggregated_for_listview.json (18.7 KB)