Dynamic data in a Select and Format data in richtext area

I am very new to retool and am just setting up a simple form to test this out.
I ran into a couple of issues so am doing something wrong.

I have a query that gets the data into a table and then on row select it open a detail view of that row. I then have a modal window that opens on click to edit the record.

It works fine in that all the data show correctly within the text input fields. The data shows in the rich text area but has lost its formatting completely. Any clues on how to maintain the formating?

Then on the select dropdown, I have a query that pulls in the data required for the selections within the dropdown. But when I try to put the default value as the one held in the query to get all the item data it will not display this as the selected item in the select field.

A steer in the right direction would be great, I've probably done something totally stupid

A screenshot or two might help as it relates to formatting... what formatting? Which select dropdown? Is the select dropdown in the table? In the form?...

What does that formatting look like? Do you mean html tags not being rendered or linebreaks and etc not showing correctly?

also, agree with @ScottR, some more info is always helpful!