Dropdown Tags in Plus (+) to Add New Row not showing when table is empty

I've been trying to debug this issue. Everything works fine when I have data already in the table, but when its empty and use the "+" to Add a new row, the dropdown fields don't populate properly. Any help is appreciated!

Here is an example of it the table when it works:


  1. New Row dropdown doesn't populate on new row:
  • If I click "save changes" it will insert an empty row which I can then update properly using the dropdowns but for some reason just on the empty table it doesn't work.

Configuration Info

  • Using Retool Database

Backend Tables:

  1. rel_investigator_studies - which is a relationship table with the following columns:
  • id (unique)
  • investigator - number (foreign key ID into a table with investigator info)
  • Study - number (foreign key ID into a table of studies)


  1. investigators which contains info about the investigators
    with columns:
  • id (unique, primary key)
  • Name
  • InvestigatorType (Enum)
select *
from rel_investigator_studies 
where rel_investigator_studies."Study" = {{ urlparams.study_id }} 

UI elements:

  1. Table with data :

and columns:
2. The investigator field is configured like this:

Hello @Andrew_Hogue
Sorry I don't have a solution, just want to say that I was able to replicate the issue as well even with a hardcoded array.

Hi there! Unfortunately, this is a Retool bug :disappointed: We are discussing how to solve for this internally! I will keep this thread updated if I get any news about a fix shipping

In the meantime, my suggestion is to have users add new rows via a form, rather than through the native new row functionality. To get a similar look, you could trigger the add new row from a custom button in the table UI & open a modal. We have more on this workaround here

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