Drop tables

How can I drop a table in onboarding_db (edit)? Tables that i created.

ah… yeaaah there’s no UI to do that. hmm, here’s what you can do instead

  1. edit the “onboarding_db (edit)” resource, and turn off “enable writes”
  2. go to the query playground
  3. choose “onboarding_db (edit)” as a resource, and run drop table mytablename
  4. edit the “onboarding_db (edit)” resource, and turn on “enable writes” again

just to explain a couple things:

  • “onboarding_db (edit)” has admin credentials, whereas “onboarding_db” only has read credentials. that’s why you have to specifically use that resource for dropping tables.
  • “enable writes” switches between the letting you write raw sql, vs forcing you to use the database edit form. it’s generally bad practice to use a sql editor with on admin credentials, precisely because it’s easy for you to drop tables and wreak havoc accidentally

let me know if this works for you

It works but i dropped table with name: workers ( that it was good), not table Workers ( that it is bad)

ah, you have to do DROP TABLE "Workers" (surrounded by quotes)

that’s a bit of a postgres quirk. try it out and lmk how it goes @angelica-cordero-camarri

Yes it works !!! Thanks a lot!!!