Drop Down values shown are different for SQL query

I am creating a drop down with multiple values but my values in my drop down are different from the string in the table. For example: Can I have a drop down option as "All Stores" but have this option add "Store%" to my SQL query?


Hey! You can definitely have different values and labels. How you set that up depends on your preference and how you are grabbing your data. If you are hard coding data, here is a screenshot example of what that could look like:

If you are grabbing data from a query, that could potentially look like this:




{{query1.data.dropDownValues.map(val => `String%${val}`)}}

Hope that helps :smile:

Thank you for the response but I am still a little confused by your examples.

Yes, I am looking to hard code this but if I follow your example, I can only select the first option.

Here is what I have:


It looks like our syntax is a little different. I have backticks (``) around String%${val} and around val those are {} instead of (). You should also be able to do this:

.map(val => 'String%'+ val)

Hope this cleared that up!