Drawer transparency would be much appreciated

Drawer is a wonderful interface tool.
Imagine you can have hovering elements on your main window (that's a map or what-not).
Would look really cool, right?

Shall we make this happen?

Hi @Scottsky! I don't think I fully understand your ask. Do you have an example of the UI you're aiming for?

What I was referring to is a Drawer a component in web instance of Retool. It would give a lot of flexibility in terms of keeling your app light weight to have an ability to have Drawer background transparency slider of some sort. This would allow elements of the Drawer to “hover” over the main screen. I thought that in my use case this would be a wonderful add on.

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We're thinking about Drawers now, actually! Thank you for adding extra context here :slight_smile: We'll keep you updated in this thread.

Update! I believe this is possible by adding a transparent background and border to Drawers today. Do you think that would work for you, @Scottsky?

Thank you, Victoria.
Can't wait to play with it.

Of course! Please feel free to share any thoughts or blockers :slight_smile: