Don't show query trigger visual

Is there a way to hide the flash thing that happens on the screen when a query is triggered? I don't mind it so much when a query is triggered on click of something but I have some queries that run every to it's a bit annoying watching the screen flash every time those ones trigger.

Hello @rcanpolat

What type of query is it -- Resource Query or Javascript Query?

Do you have a showNotification event handler attached to the query?

Resource Query, No event handlers.

Uncheck Show notification on success as it is checked by default.

No not that Notification. There is a kind of "flash" that happens on the page when a query is triggered. Its this "flash" I want to hide.

Can you record it? I think I have seen that and I don't believe it's possible to remove it - maybe disabling show spinner when data is loading might help you....

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 11.03.43 AM

Where is that "Show spinner when data is loading" button?

It's in some components like a table... if the table is waiting for a query to complete...though this may be a feature request....not sure if you're going to get it 100% not to "flash"