Documentation on Auth0 support for resources

Is there any documentation on how to setup the Auth0 Authentication support for GraphQL (and other) resources? e.g. what OAuth grant types are supported, how the token gets injected into outgoing requests.

Not really as I just set this up recently for my retool application. A week ago retool folks said the Auth0 Machine to Machine functionality was broke. I was able to get oAuth2 working by setting up another app at Auth0 to set the callback for retool, etc. and have it working.

Ah ok, I’m in a similar boat and also just used the OAuth2 integration instead. So is Machine-to-Machine the only type “supported” currently?

No, the oAuth2 works will with Auth0. It’s actually our preferred way as it allows us to keep track of who is doing what, etc. With machine-to-machine, you don’t know who is working with the app

Right, I meant to ask is machine-to-machine the only “Auth0” type supported right now. Regular OAuth2 code grant is working fine for us.

I can’t answer that sorry. I only know from the same sources you can see as well

No problem, thanks for the replies.