Displaying the most/least column item in a table (I want to see only the most recent date from a list)

I have a table which has all the document details of one of my users (Called DocTable).

One of the columns in DocTable shows the dateModified for each document from within the firestore metadata.

It is a unix timestamp for each document and when it was last modified.

I wish to display elsewhere JUST the latest dateModified so I can see when the user was last active rather than having to load each user then sort the column to find out when they were last active.

The reason is that firebase has a 'last signed in' but that is misled if the user never logs out.

At the moment I'm thinking of just having a text box that says 'User last active: {{ The date formatted most recent date modified from the column }}

I couldn't find this in the rest of the forumn which surprised me a bit.

If you can't get that from the query then you could use the lodash maxBy function to grab it for you - _.maxBy(myArray, 'dateModified')

Hey @arkonis, did Dave's solution (thank you, Dave!) work for you? :slight_smile: