Disable button if regex does not pass


Is it possible to disable a button if the regex for a text input does not pass?

Thank you!

Hey @Miotx,

Yes you can :slight_smile: I assume you need this in combination with your previous question.

If a validation for an input fails, the invalid property is set to true. Use this property to enable/disable your buttons:

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Worked like a charm!! Thanks @minijohn

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Is it possible to disable by 2 conditions? for example I want the button to be disabled if "{{textInput2.invalid}}" just like you wrote which worked great but I also want it disabled if "{{textInput1.invalid}}" as well. How do I combine them I guess?

Thanks again @minijohn

Of course :))

you can use the double pipe operator

{{ textInput1.invalid ||  textInput2.invalid }}
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Awesome!! You rock @minijohn :sunglasses:

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